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    The APEGA Summit Awards recognize and celebrate excellence in professional engineering and geoscience, as well as the valuable contributions APEGA Members make to their communities.

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2017 Summit Award Recipients

Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award Recipient Dr. Jocelyn L. Grozic, P.Eng.

2017 Women in Engineering and Geoscience Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Jocelyn L. Grozic, P.Eng. for work spearheading new recruitment and retention recommendations at the University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering to encourage gender parity and diversity.

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Research Excellence Award Recipient, Dr. Josephine Hill, P.Eng.

2017 Research Excellence Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Josephine Hill, P.Eng. for a lifetime of prolific leading-edge research on alternative energy and sustainable fuel generation that is recognized internationally for its rigour and quality.

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Outstanding Mentor Award Recipient, Dr. Andrzej Slawinski, P.Geol.

2017 Outstanding Mentor Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Andrzej Slawinski, P.Geol. whose lifetime of genuine concern for both people and science has inspired and guided young geologists to change the world with critical thinking and respectful practice.

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2017 Excellence in Education Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Janet A.W. Elliott, P.Eng. for inspiring a generation of young engineers with engaging lessons and developing a world-class interdisciplinary post-graduate program for engineering and medical science.

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2017 Centennial Leadership Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Gary Faulkner, P.Eng., for a lifetime of service as volunteer, researcher, and teacher. He has developed rehabilitation treatments that explore and utilize robotics, virtual reality, and other innovations.

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Community Service Award Recipient, Dr. Tracey Stock, P.Eng.

2017 Community Service Award Recipient

Awarded to Dr. Tracey Stock, P.Eng. for contributing over 100,000 hours of volunteer service to non-profit organizations over 45 years, such as Scouts Canada, Calgary Legal Guidance, Calgary Food Bank, and more.

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Early Accomplishment Award Recipient, Oliver Kohlhammer, P.Eng.

2017 Early Accomplishment Award Recipient

Awarded to Oliver R. Kohlhammer, P.Eng. for his work redefining industry limits to achieve world-class levels of emissions reductions and water recycling, and for contributions to local and international communities.

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Environment and Sustainability Award Recipients, Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project

2017 Environment and Sustainability Award Recipient

Awarded to the Quest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project which reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than one million tonnes a year by capturing and permanently storing them deep underground.

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Frank Spragins Technical Award Recipient, Todd K. Simenson, P.Eng.

2017 Frank Spragins Technical Award Recipient

Awarded to Todd K. Simenson, P.Eng. for contributions to several award-winning projects, including water recovery after the wildfire, the Wandering River Regional Waterline, and other water sanitation projects.

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