Nominate an APEGA Member for the Centennial Leadership Summit Award

Nominations for the 2019 Summit Awards must be received by September 21, 2018.

Display of Summit Awards

Each year, the APEGA Summit Awards celebrate leadership and excellence in the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta.

Recipients of Summit Awards are a lens on the important and diverse work APEGA Members do. The honourees serve the public and enhance the lives of Albertans by:

  • reducing environmental impacts and advancing sustainable development
  • improving business effectiveness through new and emerging technologies
  • promoting outreach and diversity initiatives
  • demonstrating outstanding innovation and leadership in their professions

Shine a light on the outstanding work of an APEGA member with a nomination for one of these prestigious awards. You can even nominate your own work!

Centennial Leadership Award Criteria

The theme of this award is leadership within the profession as a result of the efforts by/of the nominee. Consideration to be given to continued leadership in the profession and in the community, to outstanding achievements and to recognition obtained.

Evaluation Considerations (100 Points)

  1. Work-Related Achievements (60 points)
    1. Engineering/geoscience excellence and recognition of achievements with the professions, business or industry or the education sector that has set a benchmark for engineers/geoscientists to strive for (This could include executive directorship of an outstanding project or continuing enterprise or invention, research or original work or teaching.)
  2. Service to the Profession (20 Points)
    1. Public education and understanding the role of engineering or geoscience and professional engineers/geoscientists in Canadian society
    2. Active participation in engineering/geoscience associations, societies, institutes, etc.
  3. Service to the Community (20 Points)
    1. Active participation in commissions, voluntary organizations, community organizations and other paid or unpaid work beyond the profession
  4. Personal and General Information
    1. Education, publications, directorships, honours and decorations and other relevant information
    2. Member of APEGA for a minimum of five years

Start a Nomination for the Centennial Leadership Award

How to Nominate Someone

Make sure you read all of the nomination instructions for the Centennial Leadership Award carefully and prepare any documents necessary before starting your nomination. Complete the nomination form and attach documents describing the nominee and their achievements that qualify for the award. Include any supporting evidence that the Honours and Awards Committee may wish to consider.

Download the Supporting Documentation template to help you develop your nomination (.docx)

Information to Gather in Advance

The more information you can provide to us, the better we can build an accurate portrait of your nominee and just how well-suited they are to the award you’ve nominated them for. Be sure to do your research before starting your nomination as possible, and have as much of the following information as possible on hand when you start your nomination to make it go smoothly.

About Your Nominee:

  • Full name, including any designations or post-nominals (such as P.Eng., P.Geo., or Ph.D.)
  • APEGA Member ID
  • Current occupation, job title, or role
  • Current employer or organization
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Professional association memberships, fellowships, or affiliations
  • Past projects and publications of note
  • Other awards or honours received
  • Volunteering or community service involvement

About You (and Any Other Nominators)

  • Full name, including any designations or post-nominals (such as P.Eng., P.Geo., or Ph.D.)
  • APEGA Member ID
  • Current occupation, job title, or role
  • Current employer or organization
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Tips on How to Create a Compelling Nomination

Completing a nomination is easier than you think! Check out our nomination guidelines page for tips on how to get started and what information to include in your Centennial Leadership Award nomination package.

Review the nomination guidelines


Save and Resume Later

You may take as long as you wish to prepare your nomination, including editing the details as many times as you need.

Click the “Save and Resume Later” link at the bottom of each nomination form page to get a unique link for your nomination entry that you can save and come back to later. However, once you click “Submit Form” on the last page, your nomination is final and you may not edit it further.



Other APEGA Summit Awards

There are up to 11 Summit Awards handed out each year. If you aren’t sure whether the Centennial Leadership Award is the best award to nominate someone for, be sure to review the information for the rest of our awards

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