The APEGA Summit Awards

The APEGA Summit Awards recognize excellence in professional engineering and geoscience, as well as the valuable contributions APEGA Members make to their communities.

Nominations for the 2019 Summit Awards are now open. Read detailed criteria for each award and get information on how to nominate a person, team, or project for 2019.

Summit Award Nominations & Criteria

Summit Award Descriptions

Centennial Leadership Award

Awarded to an individual who has shown continued exceptional leadership in engineering or geoscience and in the community.

Past Recipients

Project Achievement Award

Awarded to an engineering or geoscience project that contributes new technologies, processes, or innovations for the improvement of society.

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Environment and Sustainability Award

Awarded to an individual, team, or project who encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly engineering or geoscience processes.

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Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award

Awarded to individuals, teams, or organizations who support women in engineering and geoscience with diversity initiatives and inspirational support.

Past Recipients

Outstanding Mentor Award

Awarded to individuals who have excelled as a mentor and who have supported and contributed to their mentees’ or proteges’ ongoing development.

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Community Service Award

Awarded to individuals who have made significant improvements to a community in need through efforts in the engineering or geoscience profession.

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Early Accomplishment Award

Awarded to individuals who have shown exceptional development and accomplishment early in their professional career in engineering or geoscience.

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Excellence in Education Award

Awarded to individuals who teach students of engineering or geoscience to the highest of standards at a recognized post-secondary institution in Alberta.

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Frank Spragins Technical Award

Awarded to individuals recognized by their peers for their integrity, technical expertise, and accomplishments in engineering or geoscience.

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Research Excellence Award

Awarded to individuals, teams, or projects that have conducted research in engineering and geoscience that has improved our economic and social well-being.

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Honorary Membership Award

Awarded to any individual who is not an APEGA Member and has greatly improved society and the engineering or geoscience professions.

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